Filming of events

documentation of events is different from other type of filming because you don’t deal with acting scene it could be repeated again or locations designed to this specific task nether you deal with professional actors you take from them the best scene but you deal with unique moment and every shot will be available once to shoot it and immortalize it then you publish it at the best way

we know that and know how to deal with it


Mosaic Media we profess Events Documentation and know what is the difference between them ?

  • Whole documentation of the events
  • to the events at screens inside or outside the concert or at social media
  • Immediate promo to the events highlights one minute or less to the social media
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why did more than 100 clients choose us to cover their events ?

  • reasonable price
  • commitment to the given time
  • there's a supervisor for the team
  • most modern equipment and techniques
  • work under pressure and ability to work for long times
  • we profess photography and filming videos
  • professionalism of dealing with audience and the invited people at the events
  • we've been chosen to cover events to big companies in Kingdom for example STC , Al Zajhy Bank , The Ministry of Planning
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Mechanism of work here

    we receive the request from the client

    in this stage we hear about your events and your company and what is your goal

    analyze the client's needs

    we analyze all the information that we got from you

    we provide Technical and financial offer

    based on our previous analytics we provide technical and financial offer for what we will implement

    we select the team that will do the events

    we choose the appropriate the right persons from our team to do the job according to the budget and client's needs


    Today is the day of filming and now you watch your creation of our team and their professionalism at work


    we get close to deliver the projects now we will make montage to the video or voice editing during the event or after it to get incredible results

    deliver the work during our download center

    Through professionalism way differs from the usual we deliver the photos through our servers through your user name which you can come back again and download the videos and photos whenever you want

Mosaic Media - strategy partner

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The technique that we use to cover the events

  • live stream through social media
  • video mixer to slices the video between cameras during the show
  • question and visitors and the audience about their opinion
  • filming the video
  • photography
  • Aerial photography
  • 360 degree photography
Events Photography

Crikopolis Event

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