Advertising Filming

Mosaic  Media with team consist of directors , producers , writers and creative assistants whom have the experience of work with companies b2b and b2c during wide group of products

it’s the best choice



How do we work the advertisings ?


why do you choose Mosaic Media for filming the advertising ?

  • the ability to implement creative and outside the box ideas
  • provide many choices for Cast
  • provide vary location for filming
  • filming for long time and commit for the perfect time
  • build specialized team with work environment
  • wide experience of dealing with advertisement agencies and understand the work environment
  • the perfect price

Tips for producing the advertisings


​ do not publish long videos

short message and stay away of repetition the unrepeated is one of success elements


​ call to action within the video

in every video has to be your direct goal and you ask it directly to your viewers


​ make the video appropriate to the local culture

there's things in our culture that is forbidden in other culture make sure to understand the local culture to send your message in the right way

Mosaic Media - strategy partner

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6 points you should consider when you choose the company that deal with the production of your Social Media Video

1. rganized group that has clear working mechanism

I'm looking for a company has good knowledge of Working Mechanism in every stage of production stage there are basics stages of Video production and it has to be done with high quality and focus according to Specific criteria

2. Professionalism

The whole team " include producers , drawers , trainers specific background and group of skills in their fields , the only way to reach good result during working together as a team , and every member needs " play his role " with professionalism , Exchange, commitment The most important of all

3. experience of Digital Marketing

it is so important to be the supplier that you will choose has the experience of digital marketing to get the best reward to your investment

4. Caring of Details

caring of details under the work pressure and during the day of filming is important thing and you can't find it in everyone

5. communication skills

the production company that you will chose has to keep the flexible communication between them and every aspect of the work that involve in the production process , the more important than that it must be convinced that the whole process is about the clients and direct you with his experience of production during the whole process and to answer all your question and all you explanations

6. Idea Outside the box

skills and knowledge is too important , but here we talking about the audio vocal communication , to be creative is too important , if the team doesn't have the ability to express the ideas easily and by creative way , the result won't be positive