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Mosaic Media
the producers of the visual content

Mosaic Media provide their services of produce visual content , in everywhere of the Saudi Arabia kingdom and UAE

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The Professionalism is Special Adjective for all the dealings with Mawazeek Media


Mawazeek Media make sure to give high quality of communication with their clients so we make them updated to work and answer about their explanation anytime

outside the box

the Creation is one of the three values that we believe of , and we make sure to put our creative touch in every project


we care about detail to do our work in the best way

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Numbers we proud of it

this is a group we proud of with our clients and numbers of the projects we implement

  • - 100 Terabyte of Videos and photos
  • - 800 projects have been implemented
  • - 150 happy clients
  • - 50 Passionate Employee
Numbers we proud of it

this is a group we proud of with our clients and numbers of the projects we implement


Mawazeek Media proud of their relationship with their partners of success while their business include business of big companies in Arab Golf

Years of Experience

We particularize of collection of knowledge in the field visual content production , we follow up this field from the beginning

Passion ❤️

we have passion of what we do – we love what we do , we work for long hours to produce what makes you and us Satisfied

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What do we offer for you ?

Passion is that desire to make difference to those passionate of uniqueness that is what we offer to you

موشن غرافيك

SABB Tankful – Travel insurance

In this work we did :

Drawing of special characters for (SABB Takaful)

illustrate drawing for all scenes

so and sound effect

make the movements

Export the final file with multiple sizes and dimensions to suit the multiple media platform that have been published on it

Motion Graphic

ASPNS Aplication

Motion Graphics is widely used in marketing mobile applications and e-commerce platforms.

We do this video to explain and market for ASPNS application and e-commerce website.



Motion Graphic

WOPOW – White Board

Whiteboard is one of the best ways to simplify information and convert it to visual information that is easy to save and simplify

In this video we have implemented the Whiteboard wopow Saudi Arabia explaining the simple activation of the MAdA cards to buy online

Events Photography

Crikopolis Event

Customer Name :MBC4

Business type :Coverage is effective entertainment

City :Riyadh

Year: 2018

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